Food and Cuisine


  • Arroz Doce

    Portuguese version of Kheer (sweetened rice made in milk).

  • Balchão

    A curry based on a traditional sauce made from shrimp, aguardente, laurel, lemon and chilli.

  • Bebik

    Also called Bebinca it is a pudding eaten during Christmas.

  • Canja De Galinha

    An original Goan dish made out of chicken and rice.

  • Kismur

    A side dish consisting of dried fish, usually mackerel or shrimps, with coconuts and onions.

  • Sanna

    Goan version of Idli (rice cake)

  • Solachi Kadi

    A hot spicy coconut curry with Kokum.

  • Uddamethi

    A curry based dish with Fenugreek and Fish (usually mackerel).

  • Vindaloo

    A spicy curry where the name is derived from the Portuguese term for a garlic and wine marinade.

  • Xacuti

    A curry prepared with grated coconut and chicken/ lamb.


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