Phensang Monastery


Discover the spiritual side at Phensang Sangag Choling Monastery, and witness the best monastery in Sikkim. Located on an uphill, Phensang Monastery is amongst the largest monasteries in Sikkim, and has the largest number of monks. On his way to Northern zone in 1721 A.D., the 3rd Lhatsun Jigmed Pawo founded this monastery.  Later in 1840, the monastery was rebuilt and it can accommodate a large number of monks. Unfortunately, in 1947 the monastery was gutted by fire but it was restored in the same year. Again in 1983, the structure was damaged due to heavy rain, but with the help of government aid and involvement, the monastery was rebuilt again.Currently, around 300 lamas of the Nyingmapa Buddhist order reside in Phensang Monastery. During the Sikkimese New Year, in the month of December a sacred dance is performed by all the monks.