Lingdum Monastery


Located at an hour's drive from Gangtok, Lingdum Monastery is a Buddhist pilgrimage destination. The sprawling complex, set amid serene forested hills, is a specimen of sacred architecture. Its exquisite murals, statues and adornments, besides the impressive scale of the edifice, bring a look of wonderment to every visitor's face.Lingdum Monastery is a Buddhist pilgrimage center following the Zurmang Kagyu sect of the ancient school of Tibetan Buddhism. It is under the spiritual direction of H. E. Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche, who is the 12th successive successor of the Kagyu sect. 

The monastery symbolizes the Tibetan Buddhist architecture and an eye-catching portion is its apex carved with parasols, finials and pagoda roofs over a vast courtyard. A gigantic statue of Lord Buddha is enshrined at the end of the hall; the statue is massive in size with a height of five meters, the perfectly sculpted face and the hands radiate a life like effect. The retreat center situated on a hillock behind the monastery is another interesting place not to be missed where the monks retire to meditate.