Food And Cuisine


  • Gundruk and Sinki Soup

    Prepared by dried and crumbled leaves of mustard oil, it is pepped with spiced onions and tomatoes. Tap roots are used to make Sinki soup. The fermented roots give it a sour taste. It is a local healthy drink, made at home and accompanied with Gundruk.

  • Momos

    These are one of the most traditional food items, made by hot steamed flour. The delicious stuffing of cheese, vegetables or crumbled meat is served with chilli sauce and hot soup.

  • Phagshapa

    It is made of fat pork and coated shiningly with radishes and dried chillies. It is found in many restaurants in the capital city, Gangtok.

  • Sael Roti

    Emerging from the tradition of Nepal and a favourite of local habitants, sael roti is one the famous dishes here. Made by blending water and rice, it is deep fried and served with tomato curry. It is usually prepared at homes.

  • Thukpa

    Blended with soup, it is a mix of Tibetan style noodle. Crumpled vegetables make the taste worth savouring. It is available in all street side restaurants.


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