Dandi Kutir


Dandi Kutir is the oldest and largest museum in India that is built around the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. It has been specially designed to portray the biography of the Father of the Nation. The use of audio-visual techniques has been employed to show the early life of Gandhiji. One can see how Bapu, from his birth on October 2, 1869, in Kathiawad, to his childhood, was a shy and remarkable student. The visuals also give a glimpse of Gandhiji's marriage to Kasturba and his youthful experiments. This museum is designed with sophisticated electronics technology in which audio, video and 3-D visual, 360-degree shows and displays are used to show varied knowledge. Dandi Kutir was set up with the aim of representing Gandhiji's powerful idea of people from all sections of the society, across the lines of gender, age and class, have a common right to salt. Referring to his legendary march to Dandi to make salt from the sea water, a practice that was prohibited by the British, the museum is indeed a must-visit on a trip to Gandhinagar. It was opened in January 2015 under the Sports, Youth & Cultural Activities Department, Government of Gujarat.