Arts and Crafts


  • Garba

    Garba is a popular folk dance of Gujarat and of Diu in special. It is normally performed by women dressed in colourful costumes with typical ornaments, accompanied by singing of songs in praise of Goddess Amba. It is performed especially during Navratri, the most popular festival of the region.

  • Ivory Carving

    Another exquisite form of art flourishing in Diu is ivory carving. Ivory was carved into sculptures, ornaments, and decorative or utilitarian articles. Ivory has now been replaced with animal bone.

  • Mando Dance

    The Mando is a beautiful song and dance performance. Young men and women gracefully weave rhythmic patterns to the beat of a ghumot (mud percussion instrument) and the romantic strains of the violin. Slow and sad at the beginning, the Mando ends in the lively Dhulpod. The theme of the traditional Mando is Love and romance.

  • Mat Weaving

    Diu is famous for the mat weaving craft. The residents make use of traditional and folk motifs to make beautiful mats.

  • Tortoise Shell Craft

    The shores of Diu feature a rich variety of tortoise which has enabled the development of tortoise shell craft. The craftsmen make several decorative household items using these shells.


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