Food And Cuisine


  • Golden fried baby corn

    Corn is grown in abundance in this area and is thoroughly enjoyed by the local people. This particular dish is made from baby corn, which is fried, dusted with salt and other spices to suit your taste and eaten whole.

  • Madra

    Madra is one of the most famous delicacies in Himachal Pradesh. Soaked channa (chickpeas) or kidney beans are used as its base ingredient. It is cooked in clarified butter and yoghurt on low heat with spices.

  • Mittha

    Mittha is a local dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It is prepared with sweetened rice mixed with a generous mix of raisins, cashews, almonds and other dry fruits. The Pahari people use a lot of ghee and dry fruits to make their dishes rich for the cold weather.

  • Momos

    Momos are a South-Asian speciality prepared with steamed vegetable and meats. They are then steamed or deep-fried and served with a spicy sauce.

  • Thukpa

    This is a soupy noodles dish with vegetable and chicken. It is a wholesome meal by itself and can be eaten with locally baked bread.


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