Arts And Crafts



    Buddha statues are made on the characteristics of Gautam Buddha, the originator of Buddhism. These figurines are associated with different meanings including prosperity, wealth, and even luck, depending on their pose, shape, and size.

  • Charasay-Tarasay

    This dance is also called Birshu-Nirshu. It is performed in the months of March and April. Only married women can take part in it. This dance is performed only on songs, no musical instruments are played. It starts in the evening and ends the next morning.

  • Natti

    Natti is the most popular dance form of Dharamsala. On special occasions the dancers dress up in their traditional costumes. Usually they dance in a circle.

  • Singing Bowls

    One of the most famous artifacts in Dharamshala, Singing Bowls are associated with healing powers and magical sounds that provide peace. According to tradition each singing bowl is made out of seven metals, with each metal representing a different planet.

  • Thangka

    It is a Tibetan Buddhist intricate painting on a cotton or silk scroll. It can also be embroidered or apllique. It usually depicts the deep meaning of Buddhism and its philosophy, through deities, scenes and Mandalas. They are valued for both their aesthetic beauty and for their use as aids in meditational practices.


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