Food And Cuisine


  • Chang and Thomba

    Chang and Thomba are locally made beverages. Both are made fermenting millet. They are usually served in bamboo container and have to be sipped with the help of a bamboo pipe.

  • Momos

    Traditionally, minced meat is enfolded in a doughy wrap and then steamed in a special momo pan. It is served with hot soup or chutney.

  • Sel Roti

    Sel roti a dish you won’t come by in the local cuisine but in the odd sections of street vendors. These are usually prepared by locals at home during festive season or during celebrations like marriage, birthdays , and religious gatherings. These are roties made from rice paste in the form of a ring and then deep fried for its delicious flavor as the crust around the sel is an eye catcher. It can be taken on its own or with cheese, butter, chutney or any curry.

  • Shaphaley

    Shaphaley is a Tibetan dish of bread stuffed with seasoned meat and cabbage, which is then fashioned into semi-circular or circular shapes and which according to regional variations, is either deep fried or pan fried like pot stickers.

  • Thukpa

    Thukpa, another popular food of Darjeeling, is more like a Chinese noodle soup. It is boiled noodles, filtered and mixed with vegetables and meat

  • Tibetan Tea

    Tibetan tea is very unique as they have salt and butter added to their tea. Lemon tea with ginger and honey is also quite common.


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