Bengal Natural History Museum


Bengal Natural History Museum Today the museum houses huge collection and specimens that include wide varieties of Birds with nests and eggs, reptiles and fishes, mammals, insects and more. All these specimens are of real creatures that were captured and preserved. There is a special taxidermy unit in the museum which specializes in curing, staffing and rendering the Birds and animals for display on the glass cabinets. This unit has been there right from the inception of the museum.There are two large sections of the museum. One at the ground level and the other at the basement. As tourists enter the large room at the ground level, there are rows of glass cabinets on both sides. The first section is that of Birds. Specimens like Himalayan Brown Wood Owls, Northern spotted owlet, Northern Brown Fish Owl, Pheasants, Fly catchers, Woodpeckers and lot more. They are all placed in natural settings on the tree branches.