Food And Cuisine


  • Chha Ghosht

    A dish that is made with marinated lamb meat cooked in a gravy of gram flour, yoghurt and spices such as cardamom, red chilli powder, coriander powder, bay leaf, asafoetida and ginger-garlic paste.

  • Luchi Poti

    A mixture of flour and spices stuffed into lamb intestines and then steamed and cooked.

  • Madra

    Madra is one of the most famous delicacies in Himachal Pradesh. Soaked channa (chickpeas) or kidney beans are used as its base ingredient. It is cooked in clarified butter and yoghurt on low heat with spices.

  • Patande

    Patande can rightly be called Indian pancakes. Ladle full of smooth batter made from wheat flour, milk and sugar are poured on a ghee laden hot griddle and a thin pancakes like those resembling dosa(s) are cooked to make sweet and yummy Patande.

  • Sidu

    A type of bread made of wheat flour. It is a well-known local dish of Himachal Pradesh. Sidu is usually enjoyed with ghee or butter alone or can be savored with mutton or daal as well.


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