Food And Cuisine


  • Cuttack chaat

    Aloo-mattar chat is a very famous chatpata street food in Cuttack. It’s main ingredients are dried peas(yellow/white/green), bhujiya and potato and garnishing it with finely chopped onion, coriander leaves and some chaat masala.

  • Dahibara Aludum

    It's a kind of lentil dumpling that is soaked in yoghurt, and then covered with hot Ghuguni (a spicy dish made with cooked peas and spices) and Aloo Dum. The dish is then garnished with yoghurt, onions and pudina chutney.

  • Khirmohan

    Famously known as 'Salepur Rasogollas' or 'Bikali Kar Rasogollas', the traditional /authentic Khirmohan (Brown Rasogolla) is uniquely different from its counterpart from Kolkata. They don’t have that slightly spongy or even squeaky texture. Khirmohan is an integral part of the Orissa culture and therefore a household name.

  • Major food joints

    The city has major food joints like Chandini Chowk, Bidanasi, Stadium Road, Buxi Bazar, Dolamundai, Choudhary Bazar, etc. Thunka puri is a famous delicacy available only during Baliyatra. Traditional Oriya food such as Dahi-Pakhal (rice soaked in water with yogurt and seasonings) is considered as a body coolant, accompanied by Badi chura or saga are consumed during months of April–June.


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