Arts And Crafts


  • Filigree

    It is an ancient art of crafting jewellery with fine metal wires. More than hundred families in Cuttack, Orissa, are engaged in this craft. Locally known here as 'Cuttacki tarkasi', the silver filigree of Orissa is world renowned for its delicate artistry and brilliant craftsmanship.

  • Horn work

    Mystical and awe-inspiring, richly textured and finely fashioned from the horns of animals, the hand crafted horn works are a class apart. The horns that are mostly from buffaloes and cows, require a high degree of skill and imagination in application. The artisans who excel in this art have used the specific texture of this material to mould all sorts of objects with a marvelous degree of fluidity of movement. The craftsmen of Cuttack skillfully fashion horns into birds arrested in flight, animals of prey caught prowling, bulls fighting, fish-guzzling cranes, deers nuzzling their young and elephants rolling logs. Combs, pen stands, pipes, lamp-stands etc. are some of the minor articles that these craftsmen produce.

  • Textile

    The art of weaving of Nuapatna Cluster (Cuttacki saree) is linked with Lord Jagannath since inception. Few weavers of this area weave special fabrics for the Lord Jagannath for different occasions. Khandua silk saris of Nuapatna village are very famous in all over India for its excellent workmanship, design and colour combination. The art textiles are characterized by bold and unusual patterns, beautiful blend of colours and luxuriant textures having an individuality of their own. The weavers of Cuttack produce sarees and other fabrics in beautiful designs and colours using the hand operated looms. The distinctive feature of Odisha textile industry is the ‘Ikat’ design. This design which finds its ancient linkages with the maritime activities of South-East Asia is an intricate process of tie and dye.


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