Things To Do


  • Day Trip to Pampapur

    A wonderful destination in the Chitrakoot district, Pampapur is nestled in the beautiful and lush Devangana valley. This place is especially famous for the caves. The caves have many legends most of them associated with Lord Rama. The panoramic view of the lush Devangana valley is enthralling.

  • Evening Aarti

    The evening Aarti on Ram Ghat must not be missed. Get lost in the devotion with a charming Aarti session held every evening. It is truly a surreal experience.

  • Jagad guru ram bhadracharya handicapped university

    Visit the only university for handicapped in India. The Jagad Guru Ram Bhadracharya Handicapped University was established to provide higher & professional education to persons with disabilities.

  • Kalinjar fort excursion

    Reserve a day for the exciting Kalinjar Fort. Built on an isolated rocky hill, Kalinjar Fort soars up to a height of 700 ft overlooking the Bundelkhand plains. Dating as far back as 150 to 250 CE , this fort can be counted amongst the oldest forts in the country. The ancient aura of the fort is mystical and it is an ideal place for spending some quiet time alone or with family and friends. In the western part of the fort, stands an ancient Shiva temple. The magnificent Shivalingam, over which lies a natural water source constantly drips water, is a sight to see.

  • Shopping

    Shopping in Chitrakoot is a delight for anyone who loves to shop. There are many shops and local markets where souvenirs and other handicraft items are available. The items made of carved wood are popular here.


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