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  • Anna Salai

    The Anna Salai market is famous for the government-run handicraft shops interspersed with swanky malls. The souvenirs sold here are sometimes expensive due to the fact that they have been sourced from all over India. Anna Salai is almost 400 years old and has its origins in a cart track which was used by the European employees of the British East India Company to travel from the factory at Fort St George to the holy town of St Thomas Mount where the apostle St Thomas was crucified.

  • Anna Zoological Park

    The largest zoo in South-East Asia, it covers an area of 1260 acres and was set up in 1855. This is a reserved forest area converted into a zoo, where animals are not confined to cages. It is situated 35 Km from Chennai. The Lion safari is the pride of this park. Battery operated vehicles are available for rides through the park. It is closed on Tuesdays.

  • Elliot Beach

    Named after Edward Elliot, Governor of Madras, Elliot's Beach is located in Besant Nagar, Chennai, which forms the end-point of the Marina Beach shore. The favourite rendezvous of the younger generation, this was once a popular bathing beach. This beach is named after Edward Elliot, the Governor of Madras. Good roads, pavements and illuminated sands make a visit to this beach a real pleasure.

  • Pondy Bazaar

    Just walk to Pondy Bazaar platform and grab a bargain purchase. This is shopping at its best! Pondy Bazaar is a long road with endless makeshift shops right on the pavement. Elegant footwear, leather bags, crockery, toys, costume jewellery, cotton garments, stationeries, posters of anything and anyone, music accessories, stuffed toys, plastic household goods and almost anything under the sun is available here.

  • Shopping

    Shop the famous Kanchipuram Silk sarees or grab a bargain at Pondy Bazaar. There's so much to shop in Chennai. The city is dominated by markets that are perfect for people who want to go on a shopping spree in Chennai. One of the most popular commercial places is T Nagar which is a hub for silk Kanchipuram sarees. Pondy Bazaar is a long road with endless makeshift shops right on the pavement that are ideal for bargain.

  • T Nagar Market

    It is one of the most popular commercial places in Chennai and has famous showrooms like nalli, pothy's etc where u can get wide range of silk Kanchipuram sarees and other fashionable clothes. There are many big jewellery showrooms here also. The busiest market in Chennai, it is the main hub for silk sarees and gold in the region. Always busy, crowded and most colourful, it is the biggest market area in South India.


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