Arts and Crafts


  • Karthigai Deepam

    This is celebrated in the month of Karthigai. In all households, lamps made of mud are lit and placed all around the house to give a divine look. It is also celebrated in all the Siva Temples in the State and all over India. This festival also relates to Lord Murugan called Karthigeya. Special sweets are made and offered to God and also distributed to one and all.

  • Stone Carvings

    South India had exhibited a distinctive brilliance in its stone carvings during the commencement days of ancient Indian history. This primordial craft achieved prominence because of the generosity of the culturally refined ancient sovereigns who patronized the talented local craftsmen and kept the art form alive.

  • Tanjore Paintings

    Painted in vibrant shades embellished in colourful semi-precious stones, pearls, glass pieces and gold, they form some of the world's masterpieces done on surfaces of wood, mica or ivory.

  • Woodcraft

    It is a burgeoning revenue generating industry in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu's basket and fiber products are aesthetically appealing and very much in vogue all over the country and abroad. Palm trees along with bamboo shoots, cane, grass and reeds form a major ingredient of Tamil Nadu's wood works and related basket products.


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