Arts and Crafts


  • Chamba Paintings

    The Chamba paintings are very authentic and informative social documents of the history. Chamba paintings derive their inspiration from natural surroundings and are remarkable in their composition.

  • Chamba Rumal

    Chamba Rumal (handkerchief) famous for its size and embroidery, which is done on both sides. Soft materials of silk and muslin are used for making Chamaba Rumal. One it had got Himachal Pradesh royal patronage.

  • Needlecraft

    Though pine needle basket weaving is a centuries-old craft, it is still as inexpensive, natural and unique. Pine needles are woven, coiled, or braided to create distinct products. The women of Chamba work with the abundantly available raw material and make beautiful items.

  • Shawl weaving

    Weaving in Himachal Pradesh has been a tradition and is also necessary due to the climate. The garments produced are extremely popular amongst tourists. Woolen garments along with shawls in Himachal Pradesh are knitted at home and others are hand woven.


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