Things To Do


  • BDA City Centre (Nicco Park)

    It is situated at Lake Road, Madhusudan Nagar. It is spread over an area of 25 acres. This only amusement park in the city remains open on all 365 days a year attracting visitors to its variety of rides and games.

  • Buddha Jayanti Park

    Coming up near Saileshree Vihar on 47 acres of land, this will be one of the biggest parks in Bhubaneswar, having a lake with boating facilities. The park will house one of the biggest statues of the reclining Buddha and consists of ornamental and medicinal plants.

  • Ekamra Walks

    Ekamra Walks is a weekly heritage walk for visitors to explore the heritage trails of Bhubaneswar. The walk is a non-profit initiative by the unified effort of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar Development Authority, and Odisha Tourism, and curated by an agency called Detour Odisha.[1] The guided walk-through in Old Town, Bhubaneswar starts every Sunday morning at 0630 AM from Mukteswar Temple and terminates in Ekamravan (the garden of medicinal plants).

  • Forest Park (Biju Patnaik Park)

    Sprawling over 22 acres of land, there is a proposal to install a statue of Biju Patnaik in the Park. The park has multiple jogging tracks, foam fountain and a playground for children.

  • Indira Gandhi Park

    Built on 10. 6 aced of Land, it was inaugurated in 1988 by the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Located in front of the Secretariat, the park contains sprinklers and water fountains. This is the place where Indira Gandhi gave her last public speech and the statue is placed exactly where she had stood.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Park

    Built in 1999 on 5 acres of land it has a water fountain with a stream, rockeries, ball fountain and landscape garden.

  • Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts

    Popularly known as Tribal Museum is also conceptually labeled as “Museum of Man” was established in the year 1953. Since then, the tribal artifacts were collected and displayed in a single hall of the Institute. During the year 1986, 5 Tribal huts such as Santal, Juang, Gadaba, Saora and Kandha communities were constructed in the premises of SCSTRTI. The Artifacts collected from different Tribal groups of Odisha are displayed in the Tribal huts and opened for the visitors. The New Museum building was inaugurated on 5th March 2001. This Museum of Man is an integrated part of the Institution, which disseminates knowledge covering the human species in totality.

  • Nandankanan Zoological Park

    It is famous in the world for its white tiger safari. Picturesquely carved out of the Chandaka forest, Nandankanan is a Biological Park where animals are kept in their natural habitat. A centrally located lake divides the Zoo from the Botanical Garden. Majestic Tigers, Kingly Lions, clouded Leopards, Black Panther, European Brown Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Gharials, Indian Python, King Cobra etc. are among the greatest attractions of the zoo. The exotic Botanical Garden on the other side of the zoo preserves varieties of indigenous plants.

  • Pathani Samantha Planetarium

    It has special attraction for interested tourists like scientists, scholars and students. The planetarium remains open every day. The sprawling 4 acre complex has a well maintained garden around it.

  • Regional Plant Resource Centre (EkamraKanan)

    Sprawling over 500 acres of land, Asia's largest Cacti Park, a breath-taking collection of Cacti, roses and other rare plants, a great attraction for plant lovers, naturalists and researchers. It has an artificial lake, where boating facilities are available. It's open all days of the year.

  • Shopping

    Buy decorative or utility items in Bhubaneshwar. Appliqué worked fabric locally known, as Chandua is a typical Orissa handiwork which is a must-buy. Sambalpuri silk and cotton, tussar silk and gold embroidery remains the favourite pick.


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