Things To Do


  • Rafting

    Thrill seekers can indulge in a delightful experience of River Rafting in the gushing waters of river Kali. The stimulating and exciting activity of paddling your raft in the swiftly swirling waters of the river is a great adventure. The rafting route on the Kali River is fairly placid and is ideal for even inexperienced rafters.

  • Rafting in Dandeli River

    Dandeli is an adventure destination vacation in northern Karnataka for those nature lovers. It offers tourists an incomparable mix of scenic beauty. White water rafting, kayaking and canoeing on the Kali River class 3 rapids is an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers.

  • Trekking

    Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you trek through the off the beaten paths in Belgaum. Trek through the narrow windings early in the morning and watch the sun rise. It is a sight to behold, guaranteed. Interact with the locals and get an insight into their lives and culture. Belgaum has many waterfalls, which makes it a great location to trek. Sport enthusiasts can trek through quaint, yet illustrious waterfalls and make the most of their Belgaum holiday.


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