Kamala Basati


Kamal Basti is one of two bastis (temples) situated within the walls of Belgaum Fort built in the late Chalukya style. The Kamal Basti with Neminatha idol in black stone is worth a visit. It is known for the masterpiece, ‘Mukhamantapa’, with a well-executed lotus on its ceiling. It is named as the Kamal Basadi since the tower of the temple depicts kamal (lotus) with 72 petals, which presently displays images of the past 24 Tirthankaras but can also depict the present and future Thirthankars. Other images seen in the temple are of: Bhagwan Sumatinath in the kayotsarga posture, Bhagwan Parshvanath under the shade of seven-hooded serpent (Nagaraj), Bhagwan Adinath in the padmasana posture and the Navagraha.