Sutan Forest


This is a beautiful tourist place with shades of Sal, Piyal, Mahua, Palash and Shimul, about 60 km away from Bankura via Ranibandh. This is also the homeland of the Santhal, Munda and Bhumijas. It is an ideal place to spend a short leave. The surrounding is calm and peaceful with hillocks. It becomes charming and colorful with palash and krishnachura flowers in the day time and the enchanting tune of madal played by the villagers at night. The full-moon nights are mesmerizing. From the Bungalow, steps leads to the lake where boating add more fun to the tourists. Wild elephant, Deer, hog and partridges are seen in the forest. Elephants from Dalma often step into Sutan for ripened crops. The forest bungalow on the top of the hillock, although without electricity, attracts tourists for the serene beauty of the hills and forest.There is a Trekker's hut 9 km inside the forest on the bank of the lake.