The Buddha’s final resting place was Kushinagar in UP where he attained mahaparinirvan and was cremated in 486 BC, at the site commemorated by the Ramabhar Stupa, attaining supreme salvation or Mahaparinirvan.

The Nirvan stupa here, excavated in 1876, led to the discovery of a copper urn believed to contain the Buddha’s ashes. The same excavation discovered a 6.10 meters long statue of reclining Buddha and is the centerpiece of Kushinagar’s Mahaparinirvan temple. For this reason, Kushinagar is one of the four most sacred locations on the primary Buddhist Circuit.

Kushinagar is reached principally by road from Gorakhpur, 51 km away, which has direct flights connecting Delhi. Local stay facilities include hotels, the UP Tourism lodge and monasteries. This region has  been witness to the glorious ancient history and culture. It is believed to be an important centre for Vaishnavas, Shaivas, Shaktas, Buddhists, Jains etc. The  region is  also  believed to be an ideal 'Meditation Place' for sages, saints, hermits and Mahatamas, who were attracted by its pious, tranquil and charming natural surroundings.  Archeological excavation has yielded rich collection of antiquities, artistic artifacts and statues of various gods and goddesses.