Pithalkora Caves


The Pitalkhora Caves comprise of rock-cut 14 cave monuments situated in the Satamala Range in Aurangabad. These caves are cut out of various types of basalt rock and some of the caves have deteriorated. Out of the 14 rock-cut caves four of them are chaityas and the rest are viharas. The caves are divided into two groups. One group comprises of ten caves and the second group of four caves. The complex flaunts statues of soldiers, elephants, a deteriorated Gaja Lakshmi icon and a very old harvesting system of rain water. The site of the caves is at a distance of 40 km from the Ellora Caves. The caves can be reached by a flight of concrete steps, past a beautiful cascade of waterfall located beside the caves. The complex even houses unusual sculptures, such as the Yaksa figures. The complex comprises of a chaitya hall, cluster of viharas, small caves in the gorge consisting of stupas.