Food and Cuisine


  • Aurangabad Cantukky

    Aurangabad Cantukky is a local hit. It is served in almost all eateries in the city; this chicken dish is spicy, has a smoky flavour and a crunchy crust over it

  • Mawa Jalebi

    Mawa Jalebi is a delectable dessert which is slightly different from its regular counterparts. It is thicker and brown in colour. It is made from condensed milk and tastes more like Gulab Jamuns

  • Naan Qaliya

    It is a staple food of the region. It is a delightful mix of mutton and a variety of spices served with hot and soft bread baked in a hot furnace. Naan is the bread made in a tandoor while Qalia is a flavour-packed mutton curry

  • Tahri

    This dish is similar to pulaoBiryani and is very popular in Aurangabad and Marathwada. Tahri is prepared by adding the meat to the rice, as opposed to traditional Biryani where the rice is added to the meat


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