Daulatabad Fort


This fort was built by the Yadava dynasty in 1187 and was known as Deogiri. When Muhammad Tughlak ascended the Delhi throne, he was so taken by the fortress that he decided to move his court and capital there, renaming it Daulatabad, "the City of Fortune". He ordered the entire population of Delhi to move out en masse to the new capital. Some of the prominent structures within the fort complex include the Mahakot which comprises four distinct lines of walls with 54 bastions that surround the fort for a length of nearly 5 kilometres. The walls are between 6 to 9 feet thick and 18 to 27 feet high with ammunition depots and granaries built along the interiors. Another interesting spot is the Hathi Haud a gigantic water tank admeasuring 38 x 38 x 6.6 meters with a capacity of about 10,000 cubic meters.A 5 kilometer strong wall, artificial scarping and a complicated series of defenses made Daulatabad Fort secure. The 30 meter high Chand Minar (Tower) built much later with 3 circular balconies played a defensive and religious role in the Fortress.