Arts and Crafts


  • Bidriware

    It is a unique form of gold and silver inlays on copper. This ancient art still finds expression in modern items like cufflinks, nameplates and more. Typical Bidri items include plates, bowls, vases, ashtrays, jewellery etc.

  • Himroo

    Himroo fabric is made of cotton and silk with the lustre of satin. Himroo is an age-old weaving craft and was originally known as kin khuab. Himroo weaving is distinctive. Fabrics and shawls from Aurangabad are popular for their unique style and design

  • Kaghzipura

    Kaghzipura is situated near Daulatabad and this is here that Indias first handmade paper was produced until the technology was brought in by the Mongol invaders. This paper was used to print the Quran

  • Paithani Sarees

    The Paithani sarees from Paithan are considered to be a prized possession. The yarn used in the textile is pure silk and the zari or gold threads drawn from pure gold is woven in a mesmerizing sari


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