Achabal is perhaps the most beautiful of springs, which gushes out of the Sosanwar Hill, and was once enlisted by Emperor Jehangir in the service of beauty and pleasure. It is said that the Breng River which disappears at Dewalgam in the fissures of the limestone is the real source of the Achabal spring.Achabal is an important tourist place about 8 km away from Anantnag. The place is famous and attractive due to an ancient spring surrounded by a garden terraced and developed by the Mughals. The place has got a historical background also, the upper portion of the garden is called 'Bag-e-Begum Abad' developed by Malika Noor Jehan Begum in 1620 AD and renowned as Sahib Abad in which there was a Hamam (treasure of water) getting heat from a lamp.Cascades and fountains erected by Mughal Emperors enhance the beauty of the spot. A mosque standing in the garden is believed to have been constructed by Mughal Prince Dara Shikwah. Achabal was once the pleasure retreat of Empress Noor Jehan. A trout hatchery is also located nearby.