Things To Do


  • Amritsar Heritage Walk

    The term refers to a guided tour which covers the town of Amritsar knee deep exploring the majority of parts of the town and a comprehensive look at the city's 4 century old history. The walk covers a distance of about 3 kilometers; you will get to visit all the Akhara Bungas, Hattis, Havelis and Katras that characterize the majestic town.

  • Central Sikh Museum

    Visit the museum located atop the Tower of Baba Atal which houses some fine old paintings of battles fought by the Sikhs, old manuscripts, coins, and weapons.

  • Ram Bagh Palace

    Must pay a visit to 'MUGHAL PATTERN OF SHALIMAR GARDENS OF LAHORE', built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sher-e-Punjab, named it in honour of Guru Ram Das Ji. The red stone work was executed by workmen brought from Delhi. The Maharaja used it as residence during his visit to Amritsar. This is a protected monument under Punjab ancient and Historical Building Site Act, 1964. The protection of the monument is taken up under Western Circuit as Natural Site.


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