Arts and Crafts


  • Bhangra

    Traditionally, Bhangra was a mix of high tempo dance steps, songs and musical instruments like Dhol, iktar (a single stringed instrument) and chimta. The performers wear a Kurta along with a vest over it. They also flaunt well-made turbans of different colors

  • Giddha

    Giddha is the specialty area of women. The performers stand in a circle forming a ring. One woman sits in the center of the ring and plays the Dhol. Through Gidda, the different phases in the life of Punjabi women are depicted.

  • Kikli

    In this dance, girls form pairs and stand to face each other. They hold each other's hand in a crossed manner and stand on their toes. They then start moving in a circular motion slowly gathering momentum.

  • Phulkari

    Patiala is famous for phulkari, Parandis, & Tilla Juttis. Phulkari is an ancient embroidery technique originated in the ancient India and is now practiced on a large scale in the state of Punjab. Traditional workers excelled this art and made beautiful flower carvings on the piece of fabric. Phulkari is not limited to Dupattas of Cotton only, these days it is popular with silk and other fabrics and even the ladies suits and shawls. The tilla Juttis are the traditional embroidered foot-wears of Punjab, hand stitched with silver and golden wires, no nails are used in fabrication and no distinction is made between the right and the left foot.


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