Situated 78 km. from Ahmedabad, Lothal, literally “Mound of the Dead”, is the most extensively excavated site of Harappan culture in India, offering a deep insight into the story of the Indus Valley Civilization. Once a sleepy pottery village, Lothal became a flourishing centre of trade and industry, famous for its expertly constructed system of underground sanitary drainage, and an astonishing precision of standarized weights and measures. Unlike many other doorways into Harappan culture, Lothal passed through all the phases of the society, from earliest development to the most mature. In the height of its prosperity, it not only survived but was strengthened by three floods, using the disaster as an opportunity to improve on the infrastructure. Civilization is said to have continued here till the 16th century BC, long after it had disappeared from the northern provinces.

An Achaeological Museum, with three galleries was setup here in 1976 to display the artifacts recovered from the excavation conducted from 1952 to 1961.