Tourist Helpline – 1363 or 1800 11 1363

Safety is an essential part of the tourist product and, in this sense, is intertwined with the quality of tourist service.  Ensured safety signifies higher quality of tourist service.


India is pursuing safety and respect of tourists’ interest and rights seriously.  Subject to their individual circumstances, the respective State Government and Union Territory Administrations   continue to work with the respective agencies to look into the safety and security of the tourists.


In case of any kind of emergency, the tourists are requested to call the below mentioned numbers depending on the situation and need.

List of emergency Helpline numbers All Over in India

100 - Police

101 - Fire

102 - Ambulance

1033 - Emergency Relief Centre on National Highways

104 - Medical helpline Number

1070 - Central Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities

1070 - Relief Commissioners of Central/State/Union territory

1071 - Air Accident

1072 - Train accident

1073 - Road Accident

1077 - Control room of District Collector/Magistrate

108 - Disaster management

1091 - Women in Distress

1092 - Earth-quake Help line service

1096 - Natural disaster control room

1099 - Central Accident and Trauma Services

112 - All in one Emergency Number

1322 - Indian Railway Security Helpline

+91-8750871111 - Helpline number of foreign national