A land boasting a diverse variety of flora and fauna, India is home to many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and biosphere reserves, which offer enchanting wildlife sightings. A wildlife game drive in Indian jungles, which are teeming with fauna and flora, is a magical experience loaded with suspense - you never know what lurks around the next bend. While the last of the Asiatic lions roar their authority over their subjects in Gir National Park in Gujarat; the blind Ganges river dolphins navigate the river systems of the Ganges and Brahmaputra; wild asses gallop across the moonscape deserts of Kutch in Gujarat; elusive snow leopard in its thick winter coat stalks prey (mountain goats) in the high snowy reaches of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh; gharials of the crocodile family, having a bulbous growth at the end of their tapered snouts, bask on the banks of the Chambal river in Rajasthan...

All this and more awaits you as you set on an adrenaline-gushing adventure in the heart of Indian jungles that house the unique denizens of wild India. If you are lucky you just might hit the jackpot and spot a tiger! The national animal of India, it strides, muscles rippling with menace, under his striped fur coat, through a meadow of golden sun-kissed grass and then crosses the trail in front of your safari vehicle. 

King of the jungle, a tiger is the most coveted sighting owing to its elusive nature, majestic gait and powerful aura. Indian jungles that are home to over 70 per cent of the world’s tiger population are your best bet at seeing the striped feline, the largest of the big cats, in its natural habitat. 

Wild Heart

Explore the natural treasures of India as you journey through wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and tiger reserves.

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