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A brilliant celebration of thanksgiving for a good harvest, Wangala Festival is significant to the Garo tribe, which is the second-largest tribe in the state of Meghalaya. Spanning over three days, the festival marks the onset of winter. During it, Misi Saljong or the Sun God is thanked and worshipped. The epicentre of the festival is Tura, the biggest town in Garo Hills.
Song and music play an integral role in the celebrations. Villagers dress their best in traditional and colourful costumes and gather to sing, dance and rejoice. Several stalls and kiosks are set up that sell wooden articles, authentic dishes and chu (rice beer). The highlight of the festival is the dramatic beating of a hundred drums, that pulsate in unison, charging the surroundings with energy. Thus, Wangala is also called the '100 Drums Festival'.