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Hampi, KarnatakaFirst Week of November
Against the backdrop of the ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, celebrations of Vijaya Utsav or Hampi festival start unfolding in the first week of November. Spanning over three days (the dates of which are announced by the Karnataka Government when the festival is close at hand), Vijaya Utsav is a tribute to the visage of the opulent Vijayanagar empire that once ruled Hampi. The main festivities are centred around the famous Virupaksha Temple, which was a prominent shrine in the Vijayanagar empire, dedicated to Lord Virupaksha or Shiva. During the festival, the road leading to the temple, called 'Raja Marg' is decorated and lit up as though awaiting the welcome of a king.
During the celebrations, the rich culture of the city spills on the streets, dousing everyone with merriment and joy. From dance performances to folk songs, many a media is utilised to display the vibrancy of history. This can be witnessed at Janapada Kalavahini, which is a concert of folk songs and light and sound shows, the most spectacular of which is held along the banks of River Tungabhadra. 
Another attraction of the festival is an elephant and horse procession that is taken out in reminiscence of the might of the erstwhile Vijaynagar empire. Throngs come together to wave the caparisoned animals on their way. The parade also includes men dressed as infantrymen of past rulers. In addition, various puppet shows, games, exhibitions and competitions are held.