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Among the largest cattle fairs in Asia, Sonepur Mela is an annual affair in the Vaishali district of Bihar. Centred out the city of Sonepur, where the sacred Ganga and Gandak rivers meet, the fair invites thousands of people from across the country. 
Sonepur Mela commences on Kartik Purnima, a holy day as per the Hindus. After a customary sunrise bathing, people participate in the fair that can last over a month. Though the primary aim of the fair is cattle trading, today several cultural and other commercial aspects have been added to make it more tourist friendly. Watch in awe as wily street magicians turn circles around you, circus performers mesmerise you with their performances and equestrian shows make you squeal with excitement. A number of kiosks are erected that serve authentic dishes that are a must-try. 
Legend has it that the fair started under the reign of the Mauryan empire in 4th century BC. It is said that Chandragupta Maurya bought several elephants and horses from the fair.