calendar icon Thu, November 21- Sat, November 30, 2019

Named after Sangai, the brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur and also recognised as its state animal, the Sangai Festival is a vibrant display of the rich and eclectic culture of Manipur. Held from November 21 to November 30, it sees spectacular folk dance performances of Bamboo dance, Khamba Thoibi dance, Kabui Naga dance, Lai Haraoba dance, Maibi dance, etc. Another interesting aspect of the festival is the playing of such games as Yubi-Lakpi, which is played like rugby except with a greased coconut; Mukna Kangjei, a combination of wrestling and hockey and Thang Ta, Manipur’s martial arts. The most popular of these is Sagol Kangjei, commonly known as polo.
The festival is a great opportunity to try the authentic delicacies of Manipur. From eromba, which is prepared with fermented fish and boiled vegetables, to nga-thongba or fish curry, there's a lot on offer.
Moreover, visitors can participate in adventure sports, trekking expeditions, watch boat races at Loktak Lake and other indigenous games.