calendar icon Wed, November 13- Sat, November 16, 2019

Shillong, Meghalaya
Come autumn and the wooded forests of Shillong, in Meghalaya, acquire a pink and white glow as beautiful cherry blossoms come in full bloom for about two weeks. This wonder of nature can be seen at the fourth edition of the International Cherry Blossom Festival that India is playing host to from November 13 to16. Centred in Shillong, it is the only autumn cherry blossom festival in the world that celebrates the flowering of Himalayan Cherry Blossoms.

In preparation for this unique and gorgeous festival, thousands of trees are planted on either side of the road leading to Shillong. This picturesque pink canvas is framed against the backdrop of the famous Ward's Lake, Umiam Lake, New Shillong and areas around Mawphlang, where tourists can capture stunning pictures and enjoy peaceful nature. 

Cultural Attractions
Besides displaying the beautiful vista, the state of Meghalaya gears up to showcase its cultural heritage. From authentic local dishes and wine to traditional crafts and events, there's a lot on offer. Catch a golf tournament, enjoy a cycling race or participate in a storytelling session amidst the pink blooms, there is much to give you a comprehensive and unforgettable experience. 
Economic Impact
The cherry blossom festivals are celebrated by around 28 countries across the world. Some of the popular festivities take place in Japan, USA, South Korea and Holland. In India, since lakhs of visitors come here, the festival gives a huge boost to the local economy. It also helps promote sustainable tourism, as tourists can sight up to 5,538 species of fauna and about 3,128 species of flowering plants in Meghalaya, along with India's only two species of true apes.