Millet is the staple food of the Monpas, who also eat barley, rice, wheat, buckwheat and various pulses. Their vegetable consumption is based on local availability, but by and large they consume potatoes, cabbages, spinach, radish, lettuce, gourd, pumpkin, layi patta (local spinach), maan, dried local mushrooms, chilies, etc. The Monpas are quite fond of spicy food and use a lot of chillies in their preparations. A very popular side dish served in most households is chamin, which is a chutney made by grinding chilies with fermented cheese. Fermented cheese is a key ingredient in most of the traditional preparations. Another common ingredient is fermented beans called greh-churba, which acts as a flavouring agent. The Monpas also eat pork, yak, mutton, chicken and fish.

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