Bogatha Waterfalls

Situated in the forest region, Bogatha Waterfalls are remote and worth a visit! A magnificent waterfall and second-biggest in the state, Bogatha waterfall presents a splendid spectacle of falling waters and rich landscape and therefore, aptly gets the epithet the ‘Niagara of Telangana’. Visiting this waterfall gives an excellent opportunity to those who are interested in trekking and looking to indulge in adventure sports. The right time to this waterfall is from June to November, when they are at their glorious best.

Kuntala Waterfalls

Kuntala Falls is known to be the highest waterfalls in the state, thus making it the most popular weekend getaway from Hyderabad. The road till the entry point of Kuntala Falls is passable and about 400 steps have to be trekked down to reach the bottom of the waterfall. 

Kanakai Waterfalls

The place is at a distance of 272 km from Hyderabad, towards Adilabad on National Highway. From Ichoda, you have to drive towards Bazarhatnoor; on your way you will cross the villages, Adegaon khurd, Pipri and reach Girnur. After driving for 1 km from Girnur village, you will see a sign board that indicates you to drive through a dirt road on the left to reach the Kanakadurga temple and waterfalls. Your vehicle can go only till here. From the temple, you need to go on foot to reach the beautiful waterfalls. If you want to make it a safe trip, you can stop at Girnur village and hire a guide. The drive to the temple resembles a way paved to reach paradise. The location brings you in direct contact with luscious grasslands and fields. The place also has a lot of varieties of birds, which are rare to find in our busy cities. After walking for some distance, you will notice a stretch of river flowing down making its path by breaking through the rock formations. You may see that the river has still water, this means that the depth of it could be more. At the end of this beautiful and breathtaking waterfall, the stream becomes narrow and the surrounding gets shady, covered by overgrown trees on both sides of the banks. When you stand to face this inviting falls, you will see the beautiful falls with a huge pool of fresh water under it. The sight is just so amazing, as the drizzling water pecks you on your cheek. When you climb up to get a top view of the falls, you will feel captivated by a panoramic view.

Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera Waterfalls is located at a distance of nearly 37 km from Nirmal town, 47 km from Adilabad town and 7 km from Boath and accessible by road. The fall is 20-meter-high and flows down with a great force. The holy river Godavari flows through the Sahyadri mountain range and on its way, the river breaks into small streams. Some of these streams escape from their path and meet at a point and become the source for the Pochera falls, which falls from 20 meters. The bed is much deeper and has the capacity to hold a very huge quantity of water. The lush green forest around the waterfall makes it a natural habitat for reptiles, bird species, and many insects. This falls serves as a good adventurous location. The greenery around the location is very appealing and is untouched by the urbanisation. Adding spiritual touch to the beautiful location is the Narasimha swamy temple, located near the waterfall.

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

Located in a valley, Mallela Theertham waterfalls is an exquisite place in the Nallamala forest Range. The waterfall runs down with all its energy, making its own path and breaking free from the heart of a dense forest. The water falls on a small Shivling from a height of 150 feet. The water that flows through the dense Nallamala forest belongs to a small stream, which later becomes one with the mighty river Krishna. What adds the exquisiteness is that the Nallamala Forest is the largest stretch of undisturbed deciduous forest in South India. Mallela Theertham is located approximately 190 kilometers from Hyderabad on the way to the holy city of Srisailam. The location lures adventure seekers as it serves as an excellent host for activities like river crossing, trekking, camping, etc.