Shirui Hills
The state flower of Manipur, Shirui Lily, also called Shirui Lily or Lilium Macklinae is a rare pinkish white flower found only in the Siroy Hill Range in the Ukhrul District of Manipur. It is named after Jean Macklin, the wife of Dr Frank Kingdon Ward, who spotted the flower in 1946, while collecting botanical specimens. The Royal Horticultural Society, one of the world’s leading horticultural organizations honoured Shirui Lily with its prestigious merit award at its Flower Show in London in 1948. 

Khangkhui Lime Caves
This prehistoric cave is one of the major tourist attractions of Ukhrul district of Manipur. Excavations have discovered evidence of habitations of stone age communities. This limestone cave presents huge tourism potential and can attract lots of students, archaeologists and researchers from both within and outside the country.

Dzuko Valley
Located at the border with Nagaland at Senapati district of Manipur, the valley is famous for its wide range of flowers that bloom every season. It is also considered one of the best treks in the state and draws an increasing number of domestic and foreign visitors each year. The valley stretches like a green carpet across the horizon and never fails to enchant its visitors.

Bunning Meadow
The Bunning meadow is located on the western side of the picturesque Tamei town in the Tamenglong district of Manipur. In June, the meadow is filled with enchanting ground orchids and various wild lilies.

Zeilad Lake
Zeilad Lake, located at the district of Tamenglong is famous for its variety of fishes, birds and pythons. It is a picturesque location atop a hill and has been declared as one of the wildlife sanctuaries in Manipur.

Barak Waterfalls
This stunning waterfall is located within the virgin forest of Tamenglong district of Manipur. It offers the right ingredients of giving a traveller the beauty of nature with an added bonus of adventure sports. The mist and the untouched natural sights of Barak leave everyone spellbound. 

Yangkhullen, Makhel and Willong in Senapati:
The old village of Yangkhullen is a unique historical sight for every traveller visiting the district of Senapati. Built on a steep hill, Makhel, the place where the common origin of the Nagas is believed to have started, is also an amazing experience for every traveller visiting Manipur. Willong Khullen is situated about 37 km from NH 39 and is home to structures similar to the Stonehenges in other parts of the world. It is a relatively unknown place.