The highest peak of Shimla, Jakhu Hill is known for the Jakhu Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. If you peep above the treeline near the Christ Church, you will notice the top of the 33-m-high statue of the god staring back at you. Legend has it that Lord Hanuman stopped here to rest on his way to find the sanjeevani root for Lord Lakshmana. The temple retains its old-world charm as it is situated at a considerable distance from the town and its hustle and bustle. To reach the temple one can take a short cable car ride that goes to the very top of the mountain. The other option is the steep albeit scenic hike that goes up the beautiful mountainside and starts next to the church.


Another phenomenon that attracts visitors is the occupation of the surrounding areas by hundreds of monkeys. These creatures are known to feel at home around the temple and are infamous for snatching away objects like bags of parasaad, hats and sunglasses.

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