Aquamarine waters, an abundance of marine life and warm temperatures of the East Coast make Puducherry an excellent choice for scuba diving. However, this particular activity has only recently become popular in the union territory. You can test dive in a pool or even the ocean, and then be guided to the actual dive site by an expert. There are courses especially designed for guests for whom swimming is a challenge. Dive beneath this ancient French colony and swim with schools of manta rays, kingfish and hundreds of other species of marine animals.


The coral reef is incredibly colourful, and often times, you can find the students of the ashram school diving in specific spots along the coast; diving to identify and care for marine life is part of the course curriculum for the students.


If scuba diving isn't for you, you can also go body surfing, a favourite pastime for the students of the ashram. You forgo a surf board and use your bodies to ride waves that can sometimes crest at as much as 6 m high! For traditionalists, Serenity Beach has surfing schools as well as equipment available for hire.