Munnar is blessed with breathtaking trekking trails that are an absolute delight for adventure and nature lovers. Add to that, gorgeous tea plantation and a mist-shrouded landscape, and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable trekking experience. The most popular trekking site in Munnar is Lakshmi Hill. An easy trek that takes tourists through lush green grasslands and rocky slopes, it is an appealing option for both beginners and mature trekkers. Another amazing option is the Chokramudi Trek, which becomes challenging after a point.

The first part of the trek is the Shola Walk, which is an easy trail, suitable for beginners. A stroll through green grasslands leads you to steep climbs that can get quite challenging. Reaching the top and witnessing awe-inspiring views of the surroundings makes it worth the effort. The Idukki Trek is also a popular trail that will leave you smitten with its tranquil vibe. It takes you through mesmerising cinnamon hills and vast tea plantations enclosed by misty mountains. The Kannan Devan Hill trek offers you a chance to witness the Idukki Dam, which is the highest arch dam in Asia. If you want to explore the spice zones of Munnar, head to the Chithirapuram Trek, where you can see the majestic Ramaswamy Dam Waterfall. Some of the plant species that one can come across during this trek include betel nut, pepper, guava and vanilla.

Other Attractions In Munnar