The traditional sweet of Mathura, peda has become a favourite all over the country. An extensively served offering during festivals, weddings and other important celebrations, it is a prasasd of Lord Krishna. On Janmashtami, peda is made in hundreds of kilos. The recipe includes the use of condensed milk, cardamom powder and khoya (a milk product). Fresh mawa, milk, sugar and ghee (clarified butter) are cooked together to create a creamy, silky dessert that virtually melts in the mouth. The delicacy is bite-sized and blissful. Another version of it calls for saffron to create kesari peda. This particular curation is quite rich and tasty, and is offered to devotees and guests during festival celebrations. Tourists usually take home boxes full of peda for their loved ones – its travels well and can be eaten even after a few days.

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