Strawberry ice cream and strawberries and cream are evergreen desserts that no one can resist. Here, they are freshly made using locally grown varieties, and the flavours are delicious! You can grab a cup of cut strawberry, topped with a generous dollop of light and sweet cream, and relish the delicacy as you stroll down the pretty lanes of the town.


And what’s more, you don’t have stop your indulgence once you leave Mahabaleshwar. All over town, you will find street vendors and shops selling boxes of the juicy fruit, picked fresh from nearby farms. While they don’t last for too long, you can savour the taste of Mahabaleshwar for at least a few days after your visit.


Given that Mahabaleshwar is a farming town, a number of other fruits, such as mulberry, raspberry, gooseberry and blueberry are also grown locally and used liberally to make ice cream.

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