Visiting the city of Kochi, during the Kochi Biennale, feels like stepping in an art wonderland, where vibrant colours, striking images and eloquent patterns greet you at every turn. Not just restricted to a convoy of canvases, this international contemporary art exhibition, the biggest in India, soaks the whole city in its festive charm, with walls of houses, cafes and other buildings donning the colours of the artists for the occasion. The Biennale is a four-month-long exhibition that is held at the epicentre of the city, Fort Kochi. As you wander around, installations, seminaries, stalls and exhibitions, set across 12 venues, enthral you with artistic expressions. An unmissable activity for tourists is visiting the installations that give them an intimate experience of the art. One such example is 'The Pyramid for Exiled Poets', by Ales Steger that was shown at one of the earlier Biennales. Built like a pyramid of Giza, it has no light to guide visitors, who hear the moving poems of the poets of that time and struggle to find their way around; a simulation designed to make them feel how those artistes might have felt.

The Biennale started in 2012 and has become one of the most attractive art exhibitions in the world. Over six lakh people attend this festival.