If looking to purchase idols of gods made from stone, jute, brass or copper, Kanchipuram is the best place. Tourists also take home products made from jute, jewellery boxes and elaborately carved candle stands as souvenirs. Other items you can purchase in the city include fruit baskets and decorative items for home. You can bargain with the shopkeepers, who are usually happy to speak to tourists about Kanchipuram and its rich history. 

Given the score of temples present here, Kanchipuram is one of the best places in India to purchase puja items and other temple-related products. The town, while small, has some lovely bazaars and avenues that allow a visitor an immersive experience of Kanchipuram and its rich and colourful history. 

At Kanchi Kudil, you can also pick up some lovely handicrafts that represent the rich history and culture of Kanchipuram. During craft exhibitions and artisanal fairs that take place here, you can also purchase various knick-knacks as well as dig into yummy South Indian snacks. 

Other Attractions In Kanchipuram