A century-old house that has now been turned into a heritage museum, Kanchi Kudil is where tourists get to know about the kind of life that people in the town of Kanchipuram lived back in the day. One also gets information about the cultural heritage of Kanchipuram, the cuisine served here and even the furniture used. You get to step back in history, and travel back to a simpler yet infinitely beautiful time when art and culture reigned supreme. 

Some of the relics on display at the museum include wooden swings, rocking chairs and utensils of old. There are paintings depicting the lives of locals, as well as photographs of women wearing elaborate traditional South Indian jewellery; prayer rooms showcasing how people worshipped their god through photographs and items used for puja (ritual). A master’s bedroom, a room for children, a puja room, open courtyards, a verandah and a backyard are some of the other features of Kanchi Kudil. You can also see lovely Kolam drawings in front of the house, and sometimes even inside. 

The evenings are reserved for cultural engagements that throw more light on its traditions. Crafts fairs and artisanal exhibitions are held routinely as well. 

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