The popular Jubilee Park in Jamshedpur is home to the Jubilee Nicco Amusement Park, colloquially known as the Disneyland of Jharkhand. The amusement park serves as a great recreational centre for kids as it offers thrilling rides and a number of outdoor activities. The amusement park also has a skating rink, along with a number of swings. Tourists need to buy separate tickets to enter the amusement park, which remains open from 1 pm to 9 pm every day. Tourists can also head to Upvan, which is a popular picnic spot adorned with beautiful flowerbeds and well-maintained lush green lawns. The park is the best part of the magnificent Jubilee Park, which was made open to the public in 1958, on the occasion of the city's 50th anniversary of establishment. Sprawling over an area of 200 acre, the park is one of the best tourist attractions in Jamshedpur. The multicoloured fountains and the evening laser show are also quite popular among visitors.

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