Manipur is renowned for its unique Longpi pottery, which is done with the help of a mixed paste of ground black serpentine stone and special brown clay, only found in Longpi village. This ancient art belongs to the Longpi Khullen and Longpi Kajui villages of the state and has gained prominence in the international markets, thanks to the intricate designs of the pottery articles.

The potters manually shape and polish the pots after which they are sun-dried and heated in a bonfire. It takes around six days to prepare a single piece of Longpai pottery. The traditional craft is followed by the people of the Tangkhul community of Manipur. Apart from the Lonpi villages, there are four villages in the state that are also known for their pottery articles. These include the villages of Andro, Thongjao, Chairel and Shugnu. You can purchase charming handmade pots in different shades � red, deep red and black, to suit your interiors. Pottery is also practiced in parts of Senapati district. The Chakpa women of Manipur are also well-known for their pottery skills and the pots they make are used for religious ceremonies.

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